Vol. 1, Issue 1

Responding to the Data Reporting Problem

Greater regulatory transparency is a key public policy goal that was codified at the 2009 Group-of-20 meeting. Plenty of work has been undertaken to achieve this goal, but major challenges remain

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Charting Market Fragmentation

Derivatives markets have fragmented along geographic lines since new US trading rules were implemented in October 2013. The split in liquidity pools continued throughout 2014, with the market for euro interest rate swaps now largely Europe-centred Regulators across the globe have looked to implement new rules on derivatives since the Group-of-20 nations agreed a blueprint for reform in September 2009. ...

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Timothy Massad, CFTC: After the Rollout

CFTC chairman Timothy Massad

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission has made end-user hedging one of its top priorities in 2015. A number of modifications have been made to existing rules to ease the burden on hedgers, and further changes are in the pipeline

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Scott O’Malia: Setting Priorities

Scott-OMalia, ISDA

Scott O’Malia joined ISDA as its new chief executive last August, having previously been a commissioner at the CFTC. In this interview, he sets out some of the priorities for ISDA in 2015, as well as identifying some of the challenges

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10 Questions with: Eric Litvack

Eric Litvack, managing director at Société Générale and ISDA chairman

Eric Litvack, managing director at Société Générale and ISDA chairman since January 1, talks about the challenges facing the derivatives market, his experiences on the ISDA board, and how he would spend time trapped on a desert island

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Year in Review: Interest Rate Derivatives

Interest Rate Derivatives: It’s more than a year since the first trading mandates came into force in the US. How has this affected interest rate derivatives trading on execution venues and in the bilateral market? ISDA makes sense of the data, using information reported to US swap data repositories

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Defining Liquidity

Europe’s revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive will impose strict pre- and post-trade transparency requirements on all classes of derivatives deemed to be liquid. Establishing the definition for liquid instruments is therefore critical, but ISDA believes the thresholds currently proposed by ESMA are too low

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Spotlight on CCPs

ISDA asks three leading central counterparty operators about their key areas of focus for 2015

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