Snapshot of Asia-Pacific

Good progress has been made in implementing new regulatory reforms in Asia-Pacific, but the derivatives markets are braced for a new wave of clearing mandates, capital requirements ...

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Asia-Pacific: A Pragmatic Approach

Eric Litvack, managing director at Société Générale and ISDA chairman

Regulators across Asia have taken a cautious and practical approach to derivatives reform, but with each market pursuing its own objectives, further coordination may be needed to ...

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Asia-Pacific: Countdown to the AGM

As ISDA prepares to host its 31st annual general meeting in Tokyo, IQ: ISDA Quarterly considers a selection of the key issues that will be discussed. Implementation of

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The Shape of the IRD Market

Clearing and compression are playing an increasingly important role in derivatives markets, with more than two thirds of interest rate derivatives notional outstanding cleared and compression reducing IRD notional by approximately 62%.

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2016 Predictions: Clearing

Ray Kahn, Barclays; Christopher Perkins, Citi; Martin Pluves, LCH.Clearnet; Sam Priyadarshi, Vanguard

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Interview: Ashley Alder, SFC


The chief executive of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, talks to IQ: ISDA Quarterly about his priorities for the SFC, the regulatory framework ...

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Clear Solution for Single-name CDS

Liquidity in the single-name CDS market has been in continuous decline since the financial crisis. But participants hope a voluntary move to central clearing might reverse the market’s fortunes

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ISDA SwapsInfo Update: Clearing Up in Q3

The proportion of interest rate derivatives and credit default swap index volume traded on an electronic trading venue and cleared through a central counterparty ...

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